February 29, 2008

J.H. Snider on Spectrum Policy (half hour segment, with Snider segment beginning at 18:50) Counterspin, a radio program run on NPR affiliates, interviews J.H. Snider about his Nieman Watchdog article (see below).

February 28, 2008

OpenTheGovernment.org Coalition Partners OpenTheGovernment.org names iSolon.org a coalition partner.

February 21, 2008

  Is the spectrum just too complex for reporters? Nieman Watchdog publishes a commentary summarizing J.H. Snider’s Kennedy School presentation.

February 19, 2008

The Government’s $19.3 Billion Auction of Spectrum (as of Round 61 on February 12, 2008) Why don’t you know more about the government’s allocation of this vital natural resource? J.H. Snider argues at a Kennedy School dinner sponsored by the Shorenstein Center that...