Praise for The Art of Spectrum Lobbying

“J.H. Snider’s work on spectrum has been unique.  Snider is about the only scholar out there rigorously analyzing the politics and interest group maneuvering behind the allocation of spectrum.  The fact that the misallocation of spectrum raised in the 9/11 Commission Report has not been resolved is illustrative of the critical nature of Snider’s work.  Snider is doing our nation a real service by raising these issues.  We need to hear more from him.”

—  Larry Pressler, Former Chair of the U.S. Commerce Committee, and a Principal Architect of the Telecommunications Act of 1996

“We need more research like this, focused on the long term effects of Washington D.C.’s short term telecommunications policies, which are greased with graft.”

—  Alex Goldman, Managing Editor, ISP-Planet

“Critics of US spectrum policy will have plenty of ammunition for their howitzers after reading the new working paper (PDF) from J.H. Snider of the New America Foundation. Snider heads up the Wireless Future Program at New America, and his paper offers an inside look at the sometimes-dirty world of spectrum lobbying, which Snider characterizes as responsible for a $480 billion giveaway from the public treasury.”

—  Nate Anderson, ars technica