Citizens Assembly News Digest


In early 2009, the Citizens Assembly News Digest was changed into a Facebook group, Citizens Assembly Based Democratic Reform.  That page includes a chronological ordering of noteworthy news developments concerning citizens assembly based democratic reform.


July 9, 2009–Analysis of British Columbia’s Citizens’ Assembly Referendum Results

April 25, 2009–British Columbia Citizens Assembly Referendum on May 12; California’s Proposition 11, With Citizens Assembly-Like Features, Passes in November

June 28, 2008–Harvard Hosts 2-Day Citizens Assembly Conference; New Zealand Parliament Allocates $4.3 million for a Citizens Assembly

January 17, 2008–Saskatchewan Premier and Citizens Assembly Advocate Defeated; New Zealand Parliament Debates and Defeats Citizens Assembly Legislation

October 19, 2007–Ontario Citizens Assembly Referendum Defeated; Addendum:Saskatchewan Premier Promises a Citizens Assembly if Re-Elected on November 7

September 14, 2007–Ontario’s Public Education Campaign Launches; U.K.’s Prime Minister Explores Creating a Citizens Assembly

May 27, 2007–Ontario Approves Referendum and Launches Education Campaign

March 3, 2007–Ontario Completes Consultation Phase

December 30, 2006–Netherlands Issues Final Report; Ontario Starts Consultation Phase

November 1, 2006–Netherlands Winds Down; Ontario Roars Ahead

September 8, 2006–Ontario’s Citizens Assembly Convenes; Netherlands Enters Last Lap

June 16, 2006–Netherlands Citizens Assembly Completes Learning Phase

April 18, 2006–Netherlands Citizens Assembly Convenes

January 26, 2006–California’s Citizens Assembly Bill, ACA28, Introduced

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