Next Generation K12 Democracy

K12 public schools tend to have a love-hate relationship with democracy.  On the one hand, public school leaders often disparage politics, partisanship, and constituency representation in favor of scientific expertise, non-partisanship, and the interests of kids.  On the other hand, those same individuals may publicly claim legitimacy from employing the machinery of democracy, including elections, public participation, and transparency.’s K12 Democracy Project seeks to strengthen the democratic characteristics of public school systems.  Specifically, it seeks to enhance K12 democracy in one area: the use of new information technology to strengthen K12 democracy.

Of the dozens of public policy institutes that have programs on education policy, none focuses on making public schools a more democratic institution. doesn’t believe that enhancing the democratic accountability of public schools is a panacea.   But it believes that the U.S., with one of the world’s leading information technology infrastructures, has nevertheless been woefully backward in using that technology to enhance public school democracy. also believes there is an epidemic of fake democracy in our public schools today (see Deterring Fake Public Participation below for a description of this problem writ large), suggesting that there is an unmet need for more real democracy.   Perhaps the skeptics are right that democracy and public schools mix no better than water and oil.   If so, the revolution in democratic accountability made possible by new information technologies offers an opportunity to bring that argument out from under a dark rock and see it if it can withstand the light of day.

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